I'm Carrie. A nutritionist, behavior specialist, educator, speaker, television host, disruptor of the diet industry...but most importantly: the person who will show you how to love your body and truly live your purpose.

For me, it all started on a Friday family pizza night.

When my 5-year-old daughter asked her 6-year-old sister, "Why doesn't mom ever eat the pizza?"

"Because it has too many calories," she answered.

I looked down at my salad with dressing on the side, and that's when I knew: my secret obsession with my weight...

Wasn't a secret at all.

That night with my family was my turning point.

I knew that if I was going to keep my little girls from growing up with the same issues with food and their bodies that I had, I needed to make a change and it needed to happen right then.

Years later, after developing the formula that has impacted thousands of women and their families, after growing a team of coaches and staff and clients who are now doing this lifestyle forever, I know that we have a unique approach with unprecedented results.

This formula of understanding what we need to do with our bodies, what we need to do with our mindsets and how we can do it forever, is unlike anything else out there.

I know that my years of combining education with nutrition have allowed me to be uniquely positioned to truly serve my passion.

It is my mission to help women to change their family trees

It's time to break the cycle of dieting that has been happening for generation after generation, and to be able to take this movement to a global level. I want everyone to understand that food is fuel, and that we can have a better relationship with our body and truly do the things that we are meant to do.

In addition to being a board certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, I am also a certified Life Coach and hold advanced certifications and degrees in education and leadership. I am also on the Board of Directors for the International Coaching Academy of Nutrition and earned a Bachelor of Science, and two Masters of Arts in behavioral science, special education and leadership. I also have many advanced certifications in behavioral science, psychology and mindset coaching.

I am dedicated to initiating change where we need it the most.

With extensive experience as an award-winning educator, international speaker, business owner, mindset coach, behavior specialist, and nutritionist, I am dedicated to supporting people in taking their goals to the next level.

My diverse expertise gives all of my clients a big advantage.  I leverage my knowledge about how to fuel our bodies with my educational leadership, curriculum development, and behaviorist experience as I teach and mentor my clients, teams, and other health pros.

Whether you are working on your own health or supporting others in their journey, let’s connect and find out how my team and I can help you reach your goals!


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